University of Louisiana and Institute of Data partnership launches intensive technology bootcamps

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Critical Tech skills shortages in the US are constraining local businesses and preventing economic growth*; To address this, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has teamed with the Institute of Data to offer intensive bootcamps in software engineering, data science and cybersecurity to upskill workers and support business growth.

Lafayette, Louisiana and Charleston, South Carolina, August 29 – The Institute of Data, an organization that transforms careers and companies for a data-driven world, today announced the launch of a new partnership with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  The Institute of Data will provide technology programming that will target areas suffering critical technology skills shortage in Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico region and will enable students to up-skill and land a role with just three to six months of study.

“The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects ‘information security analyst’ will be the 10th fastest growing occupation over the next decade, with an employment growth rate of 31 percent compared to the 4 percent average growth rate for all occupations,” said Peter Harpur, CEO, the Institute of Data. “In the US, there are about one million cyber workers and over 700,000 of unfilled cybersecurity roles as of November 2021.

Together, the University of Louisiana and the Institute of Data are providing practical, immersive tech skills bootcamps taught by industry experts. This partnership model, proven in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, operated with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the second-largest university in the State of Louisiana, has the potential to significantly address the growing digital skills gap in the greater region.

The Institute of Data has demonstrated a 93 percent job outcome success rate within 180 days of graduation which is important because of the high demand to fill positions.

Suitable candidates come from both non-IT and IT backgrounds, as well as those at graduate or mature-age levels. Those looking to upskill or change careers can pick from three programs: Data Science & AI, Cyber Security, or Software Engineering. With significant job growth in each of these industries, it’s a great time to gain or improve skills in these fields. 

The innovative nature of this Industry-University partnership represents a tremendous opportunity for the State of Louisiana to flip the employment gap situation around. 

“These programs delivered at scale with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, will make a difference because they don’t take four years to complete, they are delivered in an intensive applied skills format in only three months to six months,” said Harpur. “Most importantly they teach practical skills, which is why they work to get people into their first tech role fast, generating income and contributing to the economy.”

“There is a great interest in Cyber Security Certification in our state,” said Dr. Martha Bryant, Director, Office of Professional and Continuing Education. “The Office of Professional and Continuing Education, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, sees the importance in investing in adult learners through robust and rigorous learning opportunities for the business professional and corporate community. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is pleased to partner with Institute of Data to bring a value-added benefit to the employee-employer relationship” through professional learning opportunities that will increase economic growth and development.

Bootcamp participants will graduate with job-ready skills, equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to step into a lucrative career in tech.

To find out more, download a course outline and book a consultation to discuss the best pathway into tech for you.

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