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All organizations, roles and job functions are being impacted by information technology, at a faster pace and in more disruptive ways than ever before. Data is emerging from these changes as a new type of asset or resource, that is required to achieve organizational goals, for corporate survival and competitive advantage. Every company and government needs access to data for advanced analytical decision-making, while at the same time addressing privacy and security related to its customers or citizens. This was apparent in the pre-COVID-19 world, however COVID-19 saw a step change in the generation and use of data and in the need to seize this trend.

Professionals, companies and governments need to adapt to changing job requirements by developing coherent plans that address capability gaps. This is critical in order to ensure the future success of individual careers, companies and governments. Professionals now more than ever, require a focus on lifetime learning and a commitment to re-training for the industries of the future.

The Institute of Data transforms careers and companies for a data-driven world by collaborating with top universities to offer accelerated workforce training to bridge the data and skills gap through our focus on the industries of the future and our industry network.

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