Attend an industry, education or career event in your local city or online to learn more about a new career in data and meet new people. If you are an employer looking to learn more, book an Employer Info Session below.

Hold an Employer Information Session

In this highly competitive market we can help your business get the edge on your competitors by making an early connection with high performing individuals.

Employer information sessions are held on campus and via online webinars and are available to employers of all sizes across a range of industries in Australia and Singapore.

An employer information session:

  • Provides detailed information about your organisation directly to trained professionals, trainers and alumni
  • Generates interest in upcoming recruitment activities
  • Gives you the opportunity to meet and network with highly motivated professionals
  • Increases your organisation’s profile in the data arena
  • Gives you access to our database of industry certified professionals & alumni
  • 10 free premium job slots on our Jobs Board

Employer information sessions are held Monday to Thursday from 1-2pm or 4-5pm.

This is a free networking opportunity and includes:

  • The organisation of your information session, including venue hire or virtual environment set-up and online registration for your information session
  • Access to our job-ready industry certified professionals 
  • Featuring your information session on our professional events calendar for our database
  • Targeted emails to all student cohorts and our alumni network of certified professionals
  • Promotion of your information session through our social media channels