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Real-life practice

The Institute of Data’s courses are designed to prepare students for real commercial work in the area of data science, AI and cyber security. It is focused on practical training, labs and real-life projects.

Best training and the latest curriculum

The Institute of Data trainers are actively working in the industry and will teach students how to practice data science and advanced analytics. The curriculum is developed by the Institute of Data Academic Board with decades of experience working in data science.

Successful Jobs Outcomes Program

The Institute of Data's Data Science & AI Program results in the Data Science Certification which signals to employers that our students are ready to join the industry. All students resume and profile will be reviewed by a dedicated Job Outcomes Manager to give our students the best possible chance of success.

Unparalleled support and guidance

The member network offers support and guidance from mentors and direct connections to the industry. Students will meet employers in-person at both exclusive and public events held by the Institute of Data.

Powerful Alumni connections

Beyond a healthy discipline of practical education and learning, students will meet great friends in our virtual or real classroom and become a member of the Institute of Data. Graduates are actively encouraged to keep in touch with their fellow alumni and the broader community to develop their professional networks and support career progression.