Singapore Data Industry Subsidy (SDIS) Program available for new students looking to re-train and work in the data industry.

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The Institute of Data prepares professionals of today for the data-driven workforce of tomorrow.

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The Institute of Data provides education and career services for data & IT professionals. We accelerate and develop careers through our network of education and industry partners to maximise job opportunities and promotions. Our main focus is connecting the growing big data and artificial intelligence industry with education programs and qualified professionals at all stages of their career.

Experience a different approach to learning

Our courses are unlike those offered in universities, online, or by private providers. With remote and in-person, you can up-skill from anywhere.

You’ll learn not just knowledge, process or theory, but experience the real power of practical training by industry experts, allowing you to confidently practice and work in data science and analytics.


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The Institute of Data’s intensive programs are expertly planned to get you trained in 3 to 6 months, totalling 400+ training and project hours. Industry Certification is also provided, which is sought-after and valued by employers everywhere.

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We’ll keep you up-to-date with course information and resources.


Attend an industry, education or career event in your local city or online to learn more about a career in data and meet new people.

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