UX/UI Design Program

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The UX/UI Design Program is designed for motivated candidates who are looking to accelerate and transition their careers into user experience and user interface design. The program includes practical training, industry certification and job placement support to help professionals secure a UX/UI design job in this high-demand industry.


The UX/UI Design Program can be taken in either 24 weeks part time or 12 weeks full time and is designed for professionals who are interested in launching a career in UX/UI design and for design professionals looking to upgrade their skills and accelerate their career. The program includes pre-work, intensive practical training, industry certification and a job outcomes program in collaboration with university partners. The course content has been tailored to give students the skills that are demanded by businesses in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

Remote learning is available for this program. The interactive remote format enabled by video conferencing technology is a rich and connected experience featuring virtual break-out rooms, shared screens, digital whiteboards, peer to peer collaboration and instructor support.

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Practical Training at the Institute

Learn how to understand user needs through research methodologies and use industry-standard tools to design appealing interfaces across various digital platforms alongside the best UX/UI design trainers in the United States.

The UX/UI Design Program is a structured training course designed to help you develop the practical skills you will need to work as a UX/UI Design professional. After completing your UX/UI Design Program, you will be awarded the UX/UI Design Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Data.

Hundreds of professionals choose the Institute of Data every year to prepare them for their future career after careful consideration of their desired career progression and to attain maximum return on investment for their education. Leading the future of the profession, the Institute of Data offers a collaborative and successful program, driven to ensure you have the best start to your career.

What is Practical UX/UI Design Training?

Practical UX/UI design training is an essential requirement to practice as a UX/UI design professional. Learn from industry experts on how to apply UX/UI design techniques for businesses and government organizations including business consulting and simulating commercial projects. This means our graduates will be ready to work in the UX/UI design industry.

Why TheInstitute Of Data?

You Will:

Be ready to practice UX/UI design

The Institute of Data’s program is designed to prepare students for real commercial work in the area of UX and UI design. It is focused on practical in-class training, labs and real-life projects.

Receive the best training and the latest curriculum

The Institute of Data trainers are actively working in the industry and will teach you how to practice UX and UI design. The curriculum is developed by the Institute of Data Academic Board with decades of experience working in the UX/UI Design Industry.

Be more attractive to employers

The Institute of Data’s UX/UI Design Program results in the UX/UI Design Certification which signals to employers that students are ready to join the industry. Student's resumes and profiles will be reviewed by students Job Outcomes team to give students the best possible chance of success.

Get more support and guidance

The member network offers support and guidance from mentors and direct connections to the industry. Students meet employers in-person at both exclusive and public events held by the Institute of Data.

Meet great people and become a member of the Institute

Beyond a healthy discipline of practical education and learning, students meet great friends in your virtual or real classroom and become a member of the Institute of Data. Many students continue to keep in touch with their fellow students and the community becomes a strong network as students enter the industry.

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Program Structure


Students complete curated pre-work as an interactive online learning experience designed to prepare every student with the skills required to complete all coursework and training.

Remote or In Class Training

Students undertake a professional in-classroom course from a team of expert industry trainers from leading consultancies and enterprises to acquire the most sought-after practical training in the country.

Job Outcomes

Students will undergo a Job Outcomes Program through the Institute of Data which will help position students for the best chance of a new job opportunity and/or internal promotion. Land a job in one of the most sought after fields in UX/UI design and tech with the guidance of Professional Career Coaches and access to our hiring network.

How Will I Be Assessed?

The Institute of Data - UX/UI Design Program is assessed through completion of labs and a final capstone project. There is no formal exam. The capstone project is a real-life project and is assessed against the Institute of Data Certification Standards set by the Academic Board and Examination Board.

Post Course

We'll help you transition into the UX/UI design industry. We have a 93% job outcome success rate within 180 days of graduation for active job seekers.

Industry Partners & Contacts

Syllabus Breakdown

  • An Overview of the UX Industry
  • Difference between UX Design, UI and UX Research
  • CX Design, Service Blueprint
  • UI Patterns
  • Design Thinking and Processes
  • Goals and Importance of User Research
  • Quantitative and Qualitative User Research
  • Hypothesis Development
  • User Research in Agile Environments
  • How User Research Supports Marketing Design and Strategy
  • Relationship between IA and User Experience (UX) Design
  • Information Categorization and Taxonomy Development
  • User Task Analysis and User Flows
  • Card Sorting and Affinity Diagramming
  • IA for E-commerce and Complex Information Systems
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Ideation and Sketching
  • Tools and Techniques for Wireframing
  • Interaction Design
  • Prototyping Tools and Techniques
  • Visual Design Principles
  • UI Design Principles
  • Components and Patterns
  • Designing for Different Platforms
  • Designing for Accessibility
  • Principles of Responsive Design
  • Responsive vs Adaptive Design
  • Mobile UX Best Practices
  • Responsive Design Techniques and Tricks
  • Designing for Touch Interfaces
  • Goals of User Testing
  • Testing Methodologies
  • Types of Testing
  • Planning a User Test
  • Running a User Test
  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Time Management and Prioritization
  • Personal Branding and Relationship Building
  • Data Analytics and its Role
  • Process and Methods
  • Data Visualizations
  • Google Analytics
  • Additional Tools
  • Generative AI and Future Worker Tools
  • Voice Interfaces / Conversation Design
  • Designing for Wearable Devices
  • Designing for Smart Home / Smart Space
  • VR and AR Design
  • Additional Topics: Determined by Students and Lead Trainer
  • Job Outcomes Program
  • Consultation and Presentation Training
  • UX/UI Design Practice
  • Capstone Project

When Can I Start?

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Fees & Payment

Pre-payment deposit of $300 is required to enroll. Current fees are USD $12,500 for the full time and part time program. Flexible payment plans available.

Course Entry Requirements

Completion of a bachelor degree in any field of studies

Completion of any previous qualification undertaken in English

Completion of assigned online pre-work provided to you when you enroll

Time Commitment: Part Time Program

24 weeks intensive remote or in-class training | 2 night classes per week + 1 Saturday class every other week

Time Commitment: Full Time Program

12 weeks intensive remote or in-class training | Monday-Friday


United States (Remote or In-person)

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Introducing Institute of Data Consulting Business Skills

The Institute of Data Consulting Business Skills is an essential part of every Institute of Data certified professional. The Institute of Data educates and certifies professionals not only with technical skills but also with expertise in business consulting and communication to clients, managers, directors and stakeholders. Many certified professionals choose to work independently or join an existing consultancy.

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You can schedule a call with an Institute of Data Career Consultant to discuss this course.

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