From Tech Enthusiast to Cybersecurity Guardian: Marvin’s Inspirational Story

From Tech Enthusiast to Cybersecurity Guardian: Marvin's Inspirational Story.

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Marvin Lim has always been drawn to technology.

Turning this childhood passion into a career, Marvin has worked in various IT roles for over a decade.

Determined to enhance his skillset and fascinated by the industry’s dynamic nature, Marvin decided to upskill in cybersecurity.

We were keen to catch up with Marvin and discuss his experience with the Institute of Data’s Cybersecurity Program and how it helped him land his current role as a SOC analyst.

Read on to learn about Marvin’s journey and some great advice he has for those considering a career in cybersecurity.

1. Hi Marvin, please tell us about yourself.

I’m originally from Singapore.

Even as a kid, I was fascinated with technology and the way it’s constantly evolving.

Outside of work, I love traveling and exploring different cultures.

To relax, I enjoy watching films and playing computer games.

2. What interests you about cybersecurity?

I’ve always been passionate about technology.

After ten years in IT, I decided to venture into cybersecurity because it’s such a dynamic industry.

I’m fascinated by the rapid changes in the digital world. The constant challenge to stay ahead of the game keeps me hooked. 

With everything running on networks in today’s age, from businesses to personal information, safeguarding these networks has become critical.

I feel that cybersecurity is more important than ever, and being a part of it allows me to contribute to a safer digital environment.

I chose to pursue cyber security due to our increasing dependence on technology and the heightened risks associated with it.

With ever-changing threats, it’s a constant challenge. With the Institute of Data’s Cybersecurity Program, I saw a chance to level up my skills and actively contribute to making our digital world safer.

3. Would you tell me about your career before you started the Institute of Data’s Cybersecurity Program?

Before joining the Institute of Data’s Cybersecurity Program, my career spanned various IT roles.

I started at a helpdesk assisting users with technical issues, progressing to application support, where I delved into software systems.

In retail IT, I managed technology in the retail space.

Later, as a network operation engineer in banking, I was key in ensuring 24/7 application and network monitoring.

This experience opened my eyes to critical infrastructure and reinforced the importance of cybersecurity.

I also explored artificial intelligence (AI) as a chatbot trainer, contributing to developing AI systems.

These roles paved the way for my transition into the field of cybersecurity.

4. Why did you decide to study with the Institute of Data over another different institution?

I chose the Institute of Data because of the range of subjects it covers and because it includes a practical capstone project.

They also provide career guidance sessions, which sealed the deal for me!

I was also interested in and very grateful for the IMDA subsidy program, which helped me greatly in pursuing the Cybersecurity Program and alleviated my financial burden.

The availability of installment plans has provided added flexibility, making the entire educational investment more manageable for me.

5. How did you find the program overall?

My experience with the program has been positive.

One standout aspect is the approachability and knowledge of my lecturer, Mirza.

His openness to questions has created a conducive learning environment where we feel comfortable seeking clarification.

Mirza also went the extra mile by offering valuable interview tips, enhancing the learning experience.

The program’s virtual sessions allowed us to engage with professionals in the field, gaining valuable insights into the industry and potential career paths.

Hearing from experts firsthand added a practical dimension to our learning experience, providing a real-world perspective that complemented the theoretical aspects of the program.

6. We heard you recently landed a role in Cybersecurity. Congratulations! Can you tell us about your new role?

I am currently working as a Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst.

As a SOC analyst, my primary responsibility is to monitor and analyze security alerts generated by various systems.

I investigate potential security incidents, assess the severity of threats, and take prompt action to mitigate risks.

What I like about my role is the dynamic nature of the work.

Each day presents new challenges and evolving threats that require quick thinking and adaptability.

7. What do you enjoy the most about working in the cybersecurity field?

I love that every day is different, with new threats and problem-solving opportunities.

I have a real sense of purpose, too! I know that my work directly contributes to safeguarding digital assets.

Cybersecurity is a collaborative industry as well. Working with like-minded professionals adds to the excitement, making it both intellectually stimulating and fulfilling.

8. What guidance would you give someone applying for jobs in the cybersecurity field?

My advice for someone applying for jobs after graduating is to enhance your skills through relevant courses or bootcamps, like the Institute of Data’s Cybersecurity Program, which significantly boosts your resume.

Additionally, joining communities, such as a cybersecurity community in your country and attending events provides excellent networking opportunities.

Building relationships and keeping current on industry trends expands your knowledge and opens doors to potential job opportunities.

9. What advice would you give someone interested in joining the cybersecurity industry?

My advice is to begin by building a strong foundation of knowledge in technology and cybersecurity.

Embrace hands-on experience through personal projects and challenges.

Stay informed about industry trends, threats, and emerging technologies.

Actively participate in online and offline tech and cybersecurity communities to network with professionals.

Seek internships or entry-level positions to gain practical experience.

Develop communication and problem-solving skills, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Keep your curiosity alive in tech and cybersecurity.

Stay adaptable, explore various aspects of the field, and embrace new challenges.

Network with professionals for valuable opportunities.

Enjoy the journey and consider giving back to the community through knowledge-sharing or mentoring.

The tech world is vast and dynamic, so make the most of it!


If you’d like to learn more about our Cybersecurity Programs, book a career consultation with one of our experts at the Institute of Data and start your journey with an actionable plan.

You can connect with Marvin and follow his professional journey on LinkedIn.

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