The Power of Deep Concentration – Why our full-time program is so compelling

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Studying Data Science, Cyber Security, or Software Engineering part-time at the Institute of Data is a sensible option, because it allows you to work in your current role, maintain your income and still pick up the skills to boost your earning potential at the same time. In 24 weeks, you can gain the practical skills to perform these roles and be in the job market.

However, a number of people decide to study our programs full-time over 12 weeks instead. These students find they’re able to truly focus and immerse themselves in exploratory learning, which is acknowledged as the most powerful way to educate and teach new skills. What’s more, it compels commitment to future success (some of our students even quit their current jobs to pursue the full-time course), and means graduates are in the market and getting real wins in their new career faster, especially with our supportive career coaching.

If you’re considering taking part in an Institute of Data program, there are three unbeatable benefits of studying full-time that you should know.

Benefit #1: Immersion

Consistency and learning without interruption is more powerful than any fragmented attempt at focus. You can overtake your peers by removing distractions and diving deep into the curriculum and the practical skills training.

By spending 100 per cent of your mental focus on the program over a short period of time, you can achieve the results and confidence required to level up your career.

The power of habit comes into play as well, because by immersing yourself daily into the content of the program and the activities with your peer cohort, you form the right kind of habits that set you up for success. Focus is like a muscle, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes. While it might feel foreign at first, you’ll soon grow accustomed to the in-depth learning and find the 12 weeks passing with ease.

Benefit #2: Commitment

As with anything in life, success requires commitment. One big benefit of the full-time option is that your dedication and commitment changes your thinking and sets you up for success. Without those distractions, you give yourself the permission and space to think about nothing else except your training and your capstone project (which you can actually use in your portfolio after graduation, as a valuable example to potential future employers).

Studying full-time creates consistency and signals to oneself that your time and investment should not be wasted. And the result? You turn up every day, motivated and ready to learn the practical skills that can transform your career and your life.

Benefit #3: Speed to market

Time is money. In the tech-enabled information age we live in, things move at lightning speed. By reducing the time it takes to get skilled up, you’re job-ready quicker and can hit the market sooner. This allows you to get ahead of the curve, pick up skills faster and get in front of recruiters and employers before others.

By launching your career sooner rather than later, you gain experience and hit the ground running, which speeds up your career progression. Financially speaking, this means you can start making money, and progress to a higher pay range in your new career earlier. In the current job market, there is an unprecedented wave of demand that makes for a very compelling reason to accelerate your training and take advantage of the situation. 

The demands and obligations of life mean that many of us simply can’t quit our jobs to focus on retraining for 12 weeks, and that’s why the part-time program is such a great format for study. 

However, those who can commit and take the plunge can unlock the power of focus, immerse themselves in the industry, and become a compelling candidate in the job market faster. And we’re here to help and support you every step of the way.

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