Don’t miss the employment wave! 3 Reasons why the current peak demand for data talent won’t be repeated

Catch the employment wave - get hired in tech

After a tumultuous year, 2021 is rapidly coming to an end and everyone is looking forward to downing tools, going to the beach or just watching Netflix.

But what you may not know about this time of year, is that there is also an employment wave approaching. This is a result of three major factors coming together, making this the perfect time to up-skill and transition into the high growth areas of data science, software design and development, and cyber security.

An unprecedented but temporary situation is driving demand and salaries in the data science, cybersecurity and software professions. So if you have been thinking about making a professional change this year, there’s an incredible opportunity right now to re-skill and transition your career with tens of thousands of roles up for grabs around Australia.

The perfect storm driving this unusual peak demand for digital skills talent is not likely to be repeated and if you want to kick start a new career by landing one of these emerging job opportunities, now is a strategic time to upskill.

Here are the three factors that are creating this employment wave and driving talent demand for data science, software engineering and cyber security professionals right now:

1. Economic Recovery

Economic recovery from the pandemic is driving business hiring activity, businesses are cashed up and investing in future growth now.

2. Step Change in Data Use

The use of the internet and digital processes has spiked following new work and consumer patterns caused by the pandemic. There’s been a step-change in the availability of data, the use of software applications and the business need for cyber security due to more people working from home and buying online.

3. Travel restrictions have paused skills based immigration

Due to the Pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people per year have not been able to come to Australia to satisfy the talent demands of Australian businesses. This means salaries have been rising and businesses are hungrier than ever to employ talent.

Careers in Data Science & AI, Cyber Security, Software Engineering or Digital Marketing are age proof, will continue to experience strong demand for years to come and therefore offer job security in an increasingly digital world.

However, these factors are all either temporary or are unlikely to be repeated any time soon at this magnitude. So if you have ever thought about a career in Data Science & AI, Cyber Security, Software Engineering or Digital Marketing, there has never been a better time to make the decision and actually make the move – just like the industry-certified professionals below. Explore how they took the leap to upskill and transformed their careers through the Institute of Data’s job-focused training programs:

Meet Ez: From travel to cyber security: how Ez re-booted his career

Meet Alex: How Alex became a data scientist at Westpac after COVID-19 forced a career change

Meet Dominique: Airline Pilot to Cyber Security Risk Consultant – How Dominique fast-tracked her cyber career

Meet Sarita: How Sarita launched her data science career in 12-weeks

Meet Rusha: From a non-IT background to Cyber Security Technical Risk Consultant at KPMG – How Rusha transformed her career

Meet Luiz: Luiz leveraged his domain knowledge and upskilled to Data Science & AI in 24 weeks

With the Institute of Data, you could catch this employment wave now and be in the job market within 3-6 months. To find out which tech skills certification pathway you should take to transform your career, schedule a free career consultation today.

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