How Sarita Launched Her Data Science Career in 12-weeks

Research and engineering to data science job - Sarita Charde

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With a background in science and engineering and the determination to accelerate her career, Sarita needed a way to stand out in the job market. She was focused on gaining job-ready skills in data science, analytics and AI. Through our 12-week full time Data Science & AI program, Sarita was mentored and trained by data science experts and quickly landed a new role at GoCatch as a Data Analyst. This is her journey so far:


What motivated you to upskill and pursue a career in Data Science and AI?

“I was initially exposed to the Data Science arena through my research career in Artificial Neural Networks. My paper was successfully published in an International Journal as a result. I am also a PhD graduate in Chemical Engineering from India. However, I realised there was a huge barrier facing international residents when trying to land an interview or get shortlisted for any type of industry role, despite their qualifications. To break into the Australian market, I needed a course that enabled me to quickly gain new practical skills as I lacked local career experience.”

What appealed to you about the 12-week full time program?

“The full time course was most appealing as it involved daily classroom teaching and trainer contact hours. It also provided more interaction with other students as it was a 9am-5pm Monday to Friday class commitment.”

Can you describe your career experience before making the change to data science & AI?

“I began my professional journey by pursuing a career around “Coffee Aroma” research at Nestle in Switzerland. My official title was Pilot Plant Technician, where I was responsible for designing and improving coffee production within a 6-month time frame. Following on from this, I continued pursuing research with Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology in India, where I was involved in collecting, processing and analysing data and publishing 4 scientific papers in top SCI journals across 4 years. Giving back to society has always been a great motivation of mine, so whilst accomplishing the above I was also volunteering as an educator at ABBV Hindi School and Chatswood Public School, helping pre-primary students to improve their language skills and written communication.”

You’re now working as a Data Analyst at GoCatch – Congratulations! How has your role progressed and what advice would you give to someone applying for jobs after upskilling to data science?

“It worked out really well because I was ready to start as a beginner in Data Science! I started as an intern, and have continued to progress from there.

I think it is essential to be open to all opportunities to build your career. It is important to be aware and communicate your knowledge of the advanced and the latest applications in data science and analytics. In addition to this, it is highly valued if you can demonstrate your project work and the practical skills you can bring to the role. My employers were helpful in the way that they accepted me and gave me on-the-job training. They did consider my previous work experience and my intention to learn, which was fundamental to me attaining the job position.”

Tell us more about your current data analytics role, what does your day to day involve and what tools are you using?

“My current work involves the use of a range of data analytics tools and techniques on a daily basis. SQL and Python are the programming languages predominantly used. I am responsible for managing, tracking, and coordinating issues – as well as debugging. I also write up procedures and test plans for apps and manage multiple projects. In addition, I use MySQL for data analytics related tasks and SQL queries.”

 Here is the general breakdown of my responsibilities:

  • Data Analytics/ SQL queries using MySQL
  • Automating the updating process of Google Sheets, using Python and SQL
  • Managing, tracking and coordinating any issues and debugging
  • Software Development Services (software testing, debugging, diagnosing and correcting error faults in software, ensuring applications and software programs perform to specification)
  • Writing up the procedures and test plans for app testing
  • Managing projects

What is one thing you know now that you wish you knew before changing careers to data?

“Python coding is one area I wish I knew more about before pursuing a data driven profession. As I’m from a more unrelated career background it was definitely a challenge picking up the language but, I’m able to code in Python now and extract data insight due to the Data Science and AI program, and the training provided by my current employer.”

Tell us about your capstone project! What was your focus?

“My capstone project was about predicting the molecular properties of living organisms, such as viruses and bacteria. This prediction made use of quantum mechanics, which is very costly and time consuming. The aim was to reduce the cost and time using the available data and existing infrastructure. This is something I have also been exploring throughout my academic research career.

It was the application which was most interesting. This study finds applications in healthcare industries for the benefits of society, like predicting the structure of bacteria and viruses to be able to produce vaccines. This is a huge interest area of mine.”

Now that you’re trained with in-demand skills and working in the data industry, what’s your future career plan?

“I enjoy what I currently do but I am also looking forward to training myself as a web developer!”

Connect with Sarita on LinkedIn here.

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