How to make a career change from web development to data science today

career change from web dev to data science

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Many web developers are finding themselves questioning whether they should make a career change into data science. The future of the industry remains to be heavily data-driven. So is it true that making a career change into data science can help meet the demands of the industry?

Here are some other common questions we’ve found:

  • Is web development at risk of being taken over by artificial intelligence?
  • Which role has more emerging job opportunities and an attractive salary outlook? 
  • Will web developers still be needed in the future?

While the future of employment in web development looks secure, there will always be a need to upskill to meet the demands of technology. The same can be said about a lot of jobs. But without question, the addition of a data science qualification opens doors.

In this article, we’ll cover why you should consider making a career change to data science and upskill your qualifications to complement your experience as a web developer.

Before making a career change, consider what’s the difference between web development and data science?

In web development, developers must analyse the needs of clients and users. The outputs result in creating UX/UI friendly websites built for optimal results. Web developers work with coding languages like HTML and CSS declarations, as well as JavaScript programs to bring their animations to life. Web developers who use Python as a back-end programming language for coding will be able to transfer their knowledge to data science for the purpose of analysis.

In data science, analysis is essential to answer all commercial decisions. Data science professionals study various datasets to provide businesses with actionable insights. 

The benefits of switching from web development to data science

Data science is a term of interest in the IT world. It is mysterious and ominous in the sense that there is still much unknown about its potential. 

If you compare data science with web development, the typical outcome of a web development project is a website that stakeholders can easily understand and use. Generally, the outcome of a data science project is a dataset with insights that can be acted upon to make improvements, such as efficiency. 

The role of a data scientist is to present the analysis of the numerical values to stakeholders through a representative story. The scope is immense.

Data science is considered by many to be the career of the future. Many web development companies are taking advantage of AI to consolidate their actionable insights from the data. This has proven to be a cost-effective opportunity because it provides an excellent platform to analyse the behaviours and preferences of target users. 

By making a career change to data science, web developers can adapt to new industry standards and get a head-start before AI plays a more prominent role in web development.

Web developers possess a great skillset to make a smooth career change to data science

A survey in 2017 reported that the ratio of data scientists and web developers using Python is 1:1. But web developers who don’t know how to code in Python will still have programming skills that will make it easier to learn the language. Their web programming skills may no longer be needed, but they can still help construct machine learning algorithms.

One obstacle that many web developers foresee as a problem in changing careers to data science is the application of mathematics. But integrating their existing, logical way of thinking with a determination to upskill will address that.

In the end, a knowledge of web and software development, how to control a website showcasing your portfolio, and the overall ability to build and maintain a comprehensive website will only add to your commercial value when considering making a career change to become a data scientist.

How to qualify as a data scientist before making a career change

The best way to qualify as a data scientist is to upskill with an industry-focused course. A solid foundation of programming skills will undoubtedly help you succeed as a data scientist. 

Web developers get a head start with their existing ability and knowledge of HTML, CSS, syntax and back-end use of Python. Web developers can feel confident about integrating their experience to make an impact on businesses for years to come once they make the career change to data science. 

The emerging job opportunities and salary outlook for data science professionals

The data science industry is booming with an influx of emerging job opportunities. Web development is evolving where artificial intelligence is making its mark. 

Website building services such as Squarespace provide a platform for anyone to create and design their website without coding. Web designers who primarily write HTML and CSS will need to add an additional skill set to their belt because as technology continues to adapt so do their industries. 

Challenge yourself to make a career change that pushes you to learn more

As website building service providers continue to adapt their platforms to incorporate AI-driven web development, it is important for web developers to upskill. If you are considering a career change from web development to data science, consider how a data science & AI course could benefit your career. Learn how to become a data scientist in 2021 with the Institute of Data full time or part time programs. Click here to schedule a call.

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