We Transform Mid-Career Professionals into

Every day at the IOD, we train people from a diverse range of backgrounds to become data industry professionals. We do it with the latest practical skills curriculum developed and delivered by industry experts. We train consumers that invest in their own career progression and employees that have their training paid for by their employers. This gives us unmatched insight into the latest professional practices in the data industry. You can leverage this insight to ensure your team has the capability they need to meet industry best practice. 

Gain Capability and Plug Skills Gaps Cost Effectively

If a project is delayed because of a capability gap, then this can be a material cost to your organisation, as delayed revenue or cost savings add up every month.

If areas of your workforce are no longer fit for purpose because technology has changed, then efficiency or competitive advantage is simply not possible. There are simple solutions to these challenges though and the IOD exists to solve them.










Upskill your employees with the latest data, digital, and tech skills. Provide introductory level, one day training to your management team and to a broader set of employees to ensure data literacy and common understanding. For advanced technical employees, access more intensive three to five day training to targeted employees that will use these practical skills immediately.

Benefits include:

  • Increase employee retention and reduce your recruitment costs
  • Achieve competitive advantage by ensuring you are using market leading operational processes 
  • Improve employee performance by using best practice tools and techniques

Management Courses

Identify opportunities to lead with data and better leverage data within your organisation. Gain fluency with key concepts in data, AI software and cybersecurity

Advanced Technical Training

Take your existing technical team members and advance their skills by training them in the latest areas. Quickly add in-demand skills to your organisation’s capabilities.

Introductory Courses

Provide basic training on key technical areas for your general team members and develop a data-driven mindset throughout your organisation.


Fill your entry-level technical positions today with diverse IOD graduates from around the world. Institute of Data graduates are trained to help businesses define their problems and solve them with the latest tools and techniques. 

Many graduates have up-skilled with us coming in with 10+ years of corporate experience in areas such as accounting, operations, marketing, engineering, business intelligence, finance, sales and service.

Our trainers are selected for their industry expertise and commercial experience, so they can teach our students the practical skills and problem solving mindset required to get the job done.










Access talent via our extensive database of senior, mid level and graduate talent. Work with our talent management team and take advantage of our job boards to create a consistent supply of candidates, sourced and trained to your needs.

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