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There’s a new buzzword taking the internet by storm. If you’ve found yourself going down the rabbit hole on all things cyber then you know it’s an industry on the rise. However, if you’re new to the trending terminology, it can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start. The best way to start your cyber-dive is to understand the demand in the market, and the skills needed to fill the gaps.

Try searching for entry-level cyber security jobs or ask yourself, ‘what kind of job environment is the best fit for me?’

According to Australia’s leading Cyber Security Recruitment Specialist, Decipher Bureau cites that, 2021 has seen the pent up demand for cyber security resources causing a spike in demand like we have not seen since Y2K.

To navigate the industry’s growth, you must decide on the type of organisation that you want to work for.

Break down your choices based on the different roles cyber plays in an organisation

Dedicated Systems

Cyber dedicated systems specialise in cyber security only. It’s a specific niche that involves delivering bespoke awareness training or a full end-to-end holistic Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). Many cyber security firms cover Advisory, Offensive Security, Defensive Security, Security Operations and Security Engineering. If you choose to work for a cyber dedicated organisation, you’ll work with clients who require high-priority cyber security solutions. You can also find support roles within the organisation that require a varying degree of cyber skills and knowledge.


Companies with in-house cyber solutions have a dedicated business unit committed to tackling all things Cyber related. It can also be part of a larger organisational risk unit within the company. The company will have its own cyber security objectives, values, products and services to support overall business goals. These roles can be a blend of Information Technology (IT) Management and IT Security, or Policy, Procedures and Processes focused. In-house cyber security functions can employ external cyber providers or integrate third-party solutions to fill gaps in services and functions.

Professional Services offering Cyber Services

Professional services firms offering accounting, financial services, mergers and acquisitions, auditing, and consulting are expanding to include cyber security as a core offering. There is a growing demand for professional cyber services to protect critical business information. The overlap with traditional professional services, including Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), as well as technical roles like Penetration Testing, Threat Analytics, Forensic Investigations and even general consultancy and strategy development. Four professional services firms (known as the Big Four) dominate the industry with their competitive nature and traditional vertical working hierarchies. KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and EY recruit professionals from graduate pools and prove a successful ground to forge a competitively driven and high-demand work ethic profile.

 Cyber Vendors

Vendors need every type of professional to run a well-oiled machine. It involves technology solutions like hardware, software, or both. As more Vendors break into the Asia-Pacific market, several sales and commercial team roles are popping up in the vendor marketplace. Vendors also have open roles for solution engineers, project managers, account managers, marketing/communications personnel and consultants. Vendors provide extensive training and generous earning opportunities for those who can meet targets and grow business results. This is an easy crossover opportunity for individuals starting in the sector or those looking to make a career change.


Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Working for yourself is the ideal job for some. For the experienced cyber professional who has grown tired of conventional work hours and prefers a change, a contract position can offer the best of both worlds. If you’ve done your time working your way up in an organisation and have existing consulting skills in IT, this is a comfortable transition to continue working in the industry while maintaining organisational independence. 

Government of Australia

Both nationally and at the state level, the Government of Australia are ramping up their investment into cyber. In the public sector, you will find jobs that range from entry-level to C-level and higher. Government agencies offer high-quality training opportunities and multiple entry points to get a foot in the door. Whether you are cyber technical or not, there are various roles across the country offering flexible working conditions, respectable remuneration, and plenty of supportive career evolution opportunities for Australian Cyber Security governing bodies.


Cyber jobs in defence are dedicated to the protection of national interests. Typically, training and education in these roles will be broad and cover other defence force domains and values. Training pathways and defence force programs specialising in innovation, cutting edge technology, and secrecy are high. With minimal pre-requisite qualifications required, this is one of the quickest pathways into the industry. It is extremely valuable to land ongoing work in the private sector, once you have obtained security clearances and disciplined training. Australia offers cyber career paths beyond the traditional armed forces, like opportunities with the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).

A New Cyber Secure Normal

As we reshape our lives to adjust to a new COVID19-normal, it is inspiring and promising to be a part of the cyber community. We’ve learned new ways to connect with our communities, workplaces, and each other to help get us through challenging times. 

If you keep these new roles and industries in mind, you will learn new skills to launch your cyber career adventure. Understand business priorities, manage risks, protect personal information and assets, and you will be set up for success. These are all leading aspects to cyber efficacy and a step towards a positive cyber culture.

Choosing your own cyber adventure has never been easier. Remote learning options and training courses at the Institute of Data, offer flexible learning environments across Australia and abroad. Cyber sits on the pillars of People, Process and Technology. Connecting with the right people in the industry is the best way to ensure that your cyber adventure begins with a purpose.

Get a head start on your new career. Enrol in one of Australia’s most in-demand and practical training programs at the Institute of Data. Learn more here about our program or schedule a call today.

Industry contributor: Ez Yiap | Cyber Security Business Development Executive | Triskele Labs

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