What are some of the best paying jobs in tech right now?

What are some of the best paid jobs in tech

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Technology is booming. This ever-growing, evolving and changing industry is causing positive disruption in the workplace, leading to employers reconsidering environments and strategies to reach fulfilling productivity and results. Tech is expanding so rapidly that there have never been more positions available, with talent shortages appearing across different fields. Companies are deciding to explore all the exciting tech innovations and advancements, rather than being left behind.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to a surge in salaries, incentives and transformative roles, making now an ideal time to upskill or retrain and get into tech.

But what are the ten best paying jobs in technology in 2022?

1. Front-end developer

A front-end developer is concerned with website design and user interaction. They use Javascript, HTML and CSS coding languages, engineering websites and web apps, create strategies that work across multiple platforms, and maintain the interface by fixing bugs or errors. Whenever you open a web browser or an app, you directly interact with the front-end design! It is an area in the tech sector that will experience some of the highest levels of growth in the coming years.

Front-end development salaries in Singapore average around S$57,000 per year.

2. Mobile developer

All-day long, we interact with our mobile phones for enjoyment and work. They have become integral to the functioning of our daily lives. The demand-driven need for mobile developers will only strengthen as future updates and models arrive. These developers are concerned with the creation and development of the technology that exists in our phones. They must learn the language and software of iOS, Android and Windows, as well as hybrid models.

Average Singaporean salaries for iOS developers are around S$57,415, while Android developers can earn approximately S$61,042.

3. UX designer

A user experience or UX designer has a flair for designing, knowledge of design principles, and can identify faults and strengths in the user experience. They usually come from a background in digital media, communications technology, digital design or computer science. It is a fantastic avenue to go down when wanting to upskill or change fields.

The goal of a UX designer is to create products that focus on the experience of the user, with an emphasis on efficiency and meaningful interaction. It is a crucial and in-demand role within the e-commerce industry. This broad role involves user research and testing, creating wireframes and prototypes and designing better experiences and user journeys.

Singaporean salaries for UX designers earn on average S$50k per year.

4. Program manager

Overseeing the company’s interests, a program manager coordinates multiple projects, ensuring that they align with the company’s vision and meet its goals. They manage a team, develop new programs and implement changes and interventions, and they can also analyse data to distinguish risks and outcomes.

With the introduction of AI and Automation, program management is reaching new heights.

The average salary of this role is estimated at S$84,000 per year.

5. Product manager

Product Managers in Software Development come from a variety of fields. Traditionally they are involved in the creation and early development of products and the final stages of shipping and selling. It is the same in the tech industry, emphasising user needs, evaluating market trends and facilitating decision making.

This versatile and challenging role, encompassing business, technology and design, is a fantastic role for someone who likes to think quickly to provide the best possible product for the user.

Due to this, they can command a high salary. An experienced product manager could earn well over S$100k per year.

6. Cloud architect

Cloud Architects are one of the newer roles on this list but also one of the most in-demand. Through the evolution of containerisation and microservices and everything moving to the cloud, our need to access and store infinite amounts of data has increased and will continue to do so.

This practice of saving data on the internet rather than the computer’s hard drive allows for increased process power on individual computers. It contributes to collaboration on projects as it removes the need for the team to be in one location and allows for files to be accessed at all times from any site. Cloud Architects devise the infrastructure required to support all this data, playing a vital role in all areas of computer solutions, including designing, planning, managing, and maintaining.

Cloud engineers in Singapore can earn an estimated S$109k.

7. Data scientist

Data is now considered one of the essential resources on the planet. Just ask Elon Musk! In this new age of information, data is king. Data allows companies and executives to justify their strategy, vision and direction around evidence.

Data analysis can pull insights from a massive amount of information that is valuable and actionable.

Data scientists earn anywhere from S$82k to over S$111k per year.

8. IT systems architect

IT system architecture is devising, configuring, operating and maintaining networking and computer systems. This incredibly complex but rewarding role is responsible for designing and developing the company’s network, communications, storage and security.

The average salary for an IT Architect in Australia is over $140,000, while in New Zealand, the average is $125,000.

9. IT security architect

Considering the above roles of cloud management and data analysis, it’s no surprise that the need for security goes hand in hand with them. If data is the resource of the modern age, then IT security is the militia. The company and the user must be assured and confident that their information is secure.

The need for online security is increasing exponentially, driving the market for those who know how to build suitable systems to prevent theft and cyber-security attacks.

Due to the nature and expertise of this role, the security architect’s average salary is S$96k with some salaries reaching upwards of S$225k.

10. Blockchain engineer

On the cutting edge of technology, a blockchain engineer is responsible for developing and implementing systems and solutions through blockchain technology. These engineers have an in-depth understanding and applicative knowledge of data structures, ecosystems and interoperability. They create a digital blockchain for enterprise solutions, working for consulting and data service firms.

The average yearly salary of a blockchain engineer is over S$100k.

Needless to say, it is an exciting time in the tech industry and a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking for a new direction in their career. Connect with a career advisor today to find out how to get your start in tech.

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