Institute of Data is calling on teachers to switch careers into tech

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Institute of Data, a network of data science, cyber security and software industry professionals, is encouraging teachers to consider a career switch. For the first time in almost a decade, thousands of NSW-based teachers, educators and their supporters have gone on strike. Scenes in Hyde Park show passionate teachers rallying for a salary increase and improved working conditions.

“Every business needs to compete for talent and in the tech industry competition is hottest. Teachers have a range of highly transferable skills and the Institute of Data can teach the technical and practical skills required by industry. Mid-career switchers from travel, retail and hospitality have all followed this well-trodden path. So if teachers are unhappy, it makes sense to make a career transition and follow the money.” says Andrew Campbell, Executive Director of Institute of Data.

And while some might think that a corporate tech career is a far cry from teaching, they might be surprised to learn that teachers have highly desirable, transferable skills.

According to Cyber Industry Expert Michael Choeng, National Cyber and Tech risk leader at Crowe Australasia, “Teachers have good communication skills, people management skills, and an inherent risk and threat management skill set. They just need to transfer their soft skills to the technical cyber world where the processes are similar, but come with a different mindset. For example, where they are currently focused on the growth of kids to enable full learning potential, in a tech role, they would focus on the growth of the business and enable the business to reach its potential in a secure manner.”

Two booming spaces in the tech industry at the moment are cyber security and data science, both of which require practitioners to be proficient in explaining complex concepts and teaching colleagues new processes. With cyber security, experts are required to change employee behaviours within organisations to increase security. While data roles demand the ability to be able to explain statistical and programmatic concepts in an accessible way that can be understood by corporate stakeholders. Anyone working in the tech industry can attest that these roles require a lot of patience, and a love of helping people learn and expand their knowledge. 

According to Mr Campbell, “Tech is booming and the industry is crying out for talent. It takes us 3-6 months to teach the required practical skills and help mid-career professionals transition into a tech industry role. The demand is real and not about to stop, which means the career and salary prospects are very attractive.”

To support any teachers who may be considering this career shift, the Institute of Data has designed and implemented a teaching-focused skills assessment that determines whether your teaching skills and experience may be suitably transferable to the tech industry. 

“The tech industry urgently needs people that are passionate and dedicated and so we are offering a suitability assessment process for any teachers who are considering this opportunity. We know first hand the impact that a teacher can have on students’ lives. The right teacher can be life-changing. Our trainers are all industry professionals that perform tech roles on a daily basis.” said Mr Campbell.

Any teachers looking to make a career switch, regardless of career stage are encouraged to take a free Data and IT Career Suitability Assessment by booking a career consultation with the Institute of Data.

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