How to Use a Cyber Security Course to Take Advantage of Job Opportunities in Lockdown

Cyber Security Jobs in Lockdown

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As we pass the halfway mark of 2021, COVID-19 is far from being over. Some of us are finding new ways to pass our time by learning new skills. Taking a cyber security course is a great way to push your career to the next level while you sit at home. While many industries are experiencing budget cuts and hiring freezes, there is a growing volume of targeted cyber attacks.

This year, organisations spanning across the Financial Services, Media, Education, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Telecommunications – have all seen crippling cyber security incidents hit headlines and raise eyebrows. 

What is happening to improve cyber security?

The economic impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt across many industries. As lockdowns continue to adapt to new virus variants, states like Victoria and Sydney brace for further restrictions.

Many working professionals are being forced to – or are simply accepting that they need to – pivot careers. As The Sydney Morning Herald outlined in the article, ‘University fees are changing. How will it affect you?,’ many professionals are looking to enter tertiary education streams and those who are impacted by this year’s course fee increases are shifting away from the conventional white-collar study paths like Humanities, Communications, Law, Economics, Management, and Arts.

Why take a cyber security course now?

In response to a myriad of organisations and communities that have suffered a cyber attack, companies and individuals are proactively investing in cyber defence. The cyber security industry remains an inviting, resilient, and rewarding field to be in. In Australia, there is a promising growth trajectory for the cyber security industry. 

Whether you are pivoting from another professional career, study, or an adjacent science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) vocation, a cyber security course will benefit you in the long run. 

If you are looking to join a thriving industry, here are a few compelling factors to consider when launching a career in cyber security:

Fast track your student loans when you take a cyber security course 

The 2021 Australian Federal budget recently announced a commitment to cyber security industry growth. The budget allocates $66.4 million over six years to the industry because there is an increased demand for cyber security and emerging technology skilled professionals in Australia’s workforce. If you take a cyber security course, you’re likely to land a job after you complete your program and be compensated with a competitive salary to help you pay off your student loans faster.

According to IT News, the Government of Victoria announced a $300 million investment to improve digital services and uplift cyber security. Similarly, the NSW government announced a $240 million budget over 3 years for cyber security. In particular, $60 million will be allocated to create a database of cyber experts in the office. This cyber security strategy will allocate funds to launch critical programs such as Cyber Skills Study and Pathway Mapping, the Cyber Security Industry Placement Program and more. To take advantage of state and federal budget allocations, enrol in Australia’s most in-demand and practical cyber security course at the Institute of Data. Learn more here about our program or schedule a call today.

Cyber attack headlines continue to be at the forefront of local media

In 2021, digital and cyber security news is in the spotlight. Australia recently suffered cyber attacks so there is a common murmur amongst the public that “no-one is safe online,” or “it’s not a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’ the breach will occur.” 

Here are some of 2021’s biggest Australian headline cyber incidents that span across Education, Government, Media, Food, Real Estate, Telecom, Transport, Health Care, Not for Profit and Agriculture industries:

Federal Parliament

Western Australia Parliament

Channel 9 Media

Oxfam Australia

UnitingCare Queensland

Transport for NSW

RMIT University Melbourne


JBS Foods

TPG Telecom

Whilst no one likes to see these cyber incidents, their devastating impact on so many people prevail. Cyber attacks are breaching into every sector so there is a growing call to action to combat how we handle data and store data.

If you’re thinking of starting a career in IT, Cyber or Digital technology, a cyber security course is the best option and now is the time to start. The possible fortunes and longevity of the industry are currently being backed by landmark investments as announced in the Australian 2021 budget. Exciting numbers such as the aforementioned $66.4 million over six years for workforce skills and emerging technology along with the progressive $42.4 million over seven years allocated for women in STEM means that there is career industry support and motivation behind equipping and enabling the cyber workforce.

Cyber security courses, roles, and career pathways are evolving

Stay up to date on opportunities in the market by subscribing and following cyber security job alerts on platforms like LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed, or the growing number of cyber industry-focused domains like Institute of Data’s Job Board. Scroll through a few searches and you will find that a growing number of sectors and organisations are building in-house cyber business units, creating unique cyber security roles. 

As the industry of cyber expands, companies are looking for diversity in skillset, work experience and a broad range of skills that are not only technical but heavily soft skills and leadership focused.

For those considering a career pivot or job role change in an existing or new organisation, there are opportunities to upskill or cross-skill by taking a cyber security course. Apply your current industry knowledge, skills, and connections to play a crucial role in today’s job market.

Cyber Seek recently launched an interactive heatmap tool to understand the cyber security job market, including opportunities and career paths. There are currently over 14,000 job openings related to cyber security along with over 4,000 dedicated cyber security roles available nationwide in Australia. The majority of the openings are centred around the Eastern seaboard cyber hubs of ACT, NSW and VIC, with Canberra boasting the greatest ratio of cyber security workers relative to their population.

The job types leading the way by the number of openings is determined by how many of these roles fall into less traditionally thought of cyber roles (i.e. – cyber security analyst, penetration tester and security engineer etc). From NIST The US National Initiative of Cyber Security Education (NICE) framework that Cyber Seek use in their heatmap, categories ‘Securely Provision’ and ‘Operate & Maintain’ tip the heavy end of the scales, with almost 10,000 combined openings across Australia at present.

Next steps to lock down a cyber security course and career?

There’s no doubt that cyber attacks are up by 400% – 800% year-on-year. It proves that there will only be an increasing need for cyber security courses and professionals to help stay in front of the online surge.

The rest of the year, and beyond, is uncertain when it comes to our personal freedoms and professional occupations. Lockdowns and intermittent working schedules mean more time spent working from home and online. Upskill your experience with a cyber security course and position yourself as a cyber-expert in the market. Proactively shift gears to study a cyber security course will strategically position you to join the burgeoning workforce.

Courses like the Institute of Data’s Cyber Security Program offer flexibility through remote learning and networking events with industry professionals that can propel your cyber career. Get ongoing support and practical training to make the most of a rewarding cyber security job scape. Learn more here about our program or schedule a call today.

Industry contributor: Ez Yiap | Cyber Security Business Development Executive | Triskele Labs

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