AUT and Institute of Data partnership launches intensive tech bootcamps to combat NZ skills shortages

AUT and Institute of Data partnership - tech bootcamps

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Critical Tech skills shortages in NZ are constraining local businesses and preventing economic growth. To combat this, AUT has partnered with the Institute of Data to offer intensive bootcamps in software engineering, data science and cybersecurity for kiwis to upskill and support business growth.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and the Institute of Data (IOD) have announced the launch of three new programmes in data science, cyber security and software. The programmes target areas suffering critical technology skills shortages in New Zealand and enable students to up-skill and increase the success of landing a role in just three months full time or six months part time study.

“The technology skills gap in New Zealand has been getting worse and nothing so far has turned it around. We currently have over 2000 unfilled tech jobs on our industry job board which is growing monthly. With the border closures since 2020 it is now at breaking point with industry stakeholders despairing about what to do” says Peter Harpur, CEO of the Institute of Data,

“We’ve got global businesses such as Invenco and Navman, based in Auckland that are trying to grow, but they need talent and they need it now. Enterprises, such as Westpac and Deloitte, are also struggling to implement transformative IT projects due to lack of domestic talent and border closures” said Mr Harpur.

Together, AUT and IOD will be providing practical, immersive tech skills bootcamps taught by industry experts. This partnership model, proven in the US, Australia and Singapore, operated with AUT, New Zealand’s only University of Technology, has the potential to significantly address the growing digital skills gap. 

IOD has demonstrated a 93% job outcome success rate within 180 days of graduation which is important because according to the NZ Tech Alliance, threats of an economic slowdown are imminent if tech skills gaps and tech skills mismatches aren’t addressed urgently.

Suitable candidates include people from both non-IT and IT backgrounds as well as those at graduate or mature age levels. Those looking to upskill or change careers can pick from three programmes: Data Science & AI, Cyber Security, or Software Engineering. With significant job growth in each of these industries, it’s a great time to gain skills in these fields.

The innovative nature of this Industry-University partnership represents New Zealand’s best chance of turning the situation around. As Mr Harpur explains, “These programmes delivered at scale with AUT, will make a difference because they don’t take 3 years to complete, they are delivered in an intensive applied skills format in only three months full time or six months part time. Most importantly they teach practical skills, which is why they work to get people into their first tech role fast, generating income and contributing to the economy.”

Students who complete the programme can immediately work in the industry and are able to continue on with further postgraduate study at AUT via the process of Recognition of Prior Learning.

According to Roopak Sinha Associate Head of School, Learning and Teaching in the School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences “AUT is known for providing sought after talent to the tech industry and this partnership with the Institute of Data further enhances our connection with industry. There is a gap in the market for mid-career and entry level professionals to access accelerated pathways into employment and lifelong learning. These programmes offer the practical skills required in the workplace so that participants can kick start their journey and take their career to the next level.” 

Bootcamp participants will graduate with job-ready skills, equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to step into a lucrative career in tech.

For anyone curious about exploring the world of tech, visit the AUT website to find out more, download a course outline and book a consultation to discuss a career in tech and which bootcamp would be suitable.

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