Meet the

Drawn from industry and academia, the Institute of Data Academic Board guides the development of certification standards and education to ensure that our education programs meet the needs of members and the industry.

Ahmed Fattah

Ahmed Fattah is the Chairman of the Academic Board and the Senior Data Science and AI Trainer at the Institute of Data. Ahmed is an experienced Full Stack Data Scientist and was the former AI Solution Architect at IBM where he held various roles in IT and Analytics for over 15 years. Ahmed’s extensive commercial experience covers local and international projects including, successfully designing and implementing technology projects for IBM, at SMEs, enterprises and government.

Declan Ingram

Declan Ingram is an experienced Cyber Security Professional with over 15 years of industry expertise in IT Security and Consulting in Australia and New Zealand. From 2011 to 2016, Declan worked as the Principal Security Consultant for Datacom Technical Security Services leading the team on security architecture - defining, developing and implementing information security within a wide range of organisations. In 2016, Declan founded his own consultancy and is a recognised leader in New Zealand’s cyber security industry.

Bazara Barry

Dr. Bazara Barry is a globally recognised cyber security expert and industry leader with over 10 years of leadership experience in the cyber security and ICT space. Bazara believes in a holistic approach to cyber security and has always been an advocate for considering cyber security a strategic business matter and not a technical matter. He has a proven track record in cyber security governance, risk assurance, compliance, project / program / product management, and R&D. As an esteemed Industry leader and speaker, Bazara has published 30 peer-reviewed international articles which have been cited 170 times, presented in 5 continents, won 4 international best paper awards, and received the International Telecommunication Union ITU award for proposing and presenting a Secure E-service Platform.

Allen Nugent

Allen Nugent is an experienced Data Scientist with industry expertise in customer behaviour, risk prediction, customer service, HR and eHealth. From 2015, Allen worked as a consultant to SME and enterprises, supporting digital transformation through predictive analytics and data systems for informing strategic decision-making and driving smarter business operations.

Angelo Klin

Angelo Klin is an experienced Senior Data Scientist with experience from major enterprises and consultancies such as IBM, Telstra and Veda Advantage. From 2015, Angelo discovered his passion for education in the area of Data Analytics, Data Science and AI working as the Lead Data Science Trainer for numerous classes and education providers.

Bernard Leung

Bernard Leung is Director of Enterprise Architecture at Macquarie Group, a diversified financial group that provides clients with asset management and finance, banking, advisory and risk and capital solutions across debt, equity and commodities. Bernard has designed both Business Operating Models as well as Technology Systems and Processes for organisations ranging from multi-national enterprise to lean Australian startups. Having worked in management consulting with Deloitte and PwC, Bernard is highly skilled in stakeholder engagement and has helped many businesses identify, design and deliver technology enabled business transformation programmes.

Abill Nerry

Abill Nerry is an experienced Cyber Security Professional with over 10 years of industry expertise in IT Security for enterprises in Australia and Africa. From 2009 to 2019, Abill worked for KCB Group as an IT Security Specialist conducting the full suite of cyber security projects and tasks, eventually progressing his career to lead the cyber team. In 2019, Abill was invited to oversee and develop the entire ICT security systems for Collection House Group in Brisbane, Australia. Abill is an industry leader and passionate about cyber security education, frequently invited to speak at global cyber security conferences.

Bradley Loh

Bradley Loh is a highly experienced Senior Quantitative Risk professional with extensive experience in the Investment Banking and Steel Industry, and across Risk Management and Trading support for FX, Commodities and Energy within Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore. Bradley's expertise ranges from financial exotic derivatives, credit risk modelling, quantitative analytics, front office trade support and trading system design and implementation. Bradley is recognised as an exceptional presenter of financial mathematics courses and for explaining complex issues in a simple way.