Certification Program Terms and Conditions

Institute of Data CERTIFICATION PROGRAM TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. INTRODUCTION 1.2 This document outlines the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for the certification program administered by Institute of Data (IoD). 1.3 The recipient must read these T&Cs in full. In accepting a certification program from IoD, it is understood that the recipient has read and agree to comply with the T&Cs. 1.4 Please note, if the recipient is under 18 years of age, his or her parent or guardian must read and consent to these terms and conditions on their behalf. 2. ACCEPTING AND ENROLLING INTO THE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM 2.1 The certification program is accepted and its T&Cs by enrolling into the program either online, in- person or on-the-phone. 2.2 If the applicant does not wish to accept a certification program offered, they should advise IoD in writing within 10 days. 2.3 Recipient details may be passed on to IoD’s education and industry partners. If the recipient does not wish for their details to be passed on, they must advise IoD in writing. 2.4 Upon enrolment into the certification program, IoD will hold a place in the program for the recipient for 3 business days until a $500 pre-payment / test payment is received. 3. CERTIFICATION PROGRAM BENEFITS 3.1 The Institute of Data Certification program supports motivated and dedicated professionals who are interested to accelerate their career in artificial intelligence, data science and big data by providing certification and IoD Membership to its recipients. 3.2 The certification program provides formal recognition to its recipients in skills and experience required for the big data industry. Upon successful completion of the certification test, IoD actively assists the recipient to find employment and advance their career through its network of mentors, industry and employer partners. 3.3 Recipients receive the following benefits: 3.3.1 Formal certification and recognition from Institute of Data, an Industry Certifier; 3.3.2 Flexible payment terms of the IoD Membership (see 4.4); 3.3.3 Career services including job ready, search support and career coaching; 3.3.4 Access to IoD’s network of mentors, industry and employer partners; 3.3.5 Invites to industry events, competitions, trade fares, certification programs or any other networking or career enhancement activity. 3.3.6 Invites to temporary employment and contractor roles through IoD’s commercial engagements. 4. HOW THE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM WORKS 4.1 The certification is awarded to professionals who are qualified for roles in data science and big data. 4.2 The certification program is awarded to professionals to undertake a formal certification test or other accreditation to become a member of Institute of Data. 4.3 Upon completion and issue of the certification, recipients become a member of Institute of Data and receive active careers services including job ready and search support through IoD’s network. IoD’s industry and employer partners may or may not be required to pay a standard placement fee for the job placement of the recipient. 4.4 Upon successful certification, the recipient is required to pay a IoD Membership. 4.4 IoD endeavours to find its members a job or land a promotion as quickly as possible after becoming certified but does not guarantee any certain job placement or promotion within a set timeframe, number of introductions or interviews from its network. 5. IoD MEMBERSHIP 5.1 IoD Members are provided with on-going career services, education, networking, events, contractor roles and job opportunities to accelerate the member’s career advancement through new jobs and promotions. 5.2 IoD Membership is exclusive to IoD certified professionals. Membership initiates upon passing the test or other accreditation for the certification. 5.3 IoD certified professionals are provided with two types of membership plans: (1) a 12-month membership to the value of $3500 including GST, paid in full or 12 monthly instalments; or (2) a 36- month membership of $149 per month. 6. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS 6.1 All memberships are awarded on the basis that the recipient passes the certification test or other accreditation administered by a IoD or IoD Partners. IoD may terminate the recipient’s membership at any time including full payment of any outstanding membership fees, if the IoD Member: 6.1.1 is dismissed by an employer for any misconduct; 6.1.2 receives a criminal conviction in any jurisdiction. 7 TEST DATE 7.3 Before the test date, if the recipient cancels the certification program then the recipient is liable for the pre-payment which is non-refundable. 8 LIABILITY WAIVER 8.1 In accepting a certification program from Institute of Data the recipient agrees to waive, release and discharge Institute of Data, its officers, associates and partner organisations from any and all liability, including but not limited to, any liability arising from the negligence or fault of the entities or persons released, for death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may occur to the recipient during or after the certification and membership period. 9 KEEPING CONTACT DETAILS UP TO DATE 9.1 It is the responsibility of the recipient to inform IoD of any changes to their email, postal or residential address. 9.2 Please note, if the recipient is under 18 years of age, it is understood that his or her parent or guardian has read and agreed to the T&Cs on their behalf. 9.3 Institute of Data reserves the right to amend these T&Cs for commencing and continuing membership holders. Any questions about these T&Cs should be directed to: Institute of Data Level 2, 55 Pyrmont Bridge Road Sydney, NSW 2009 Alternatively, direct questions via email to contact@institutedata.com