Remote Learning Will Boost Your Career Prospects in 2020 and Beyond!

Remote Learning will boost your career prospects

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The world has changed and so has the nature of work and education. When things go back to “normal”, it will be a new normal. One significant change is that remote working and learning is here to stay and in this post we’ll explore why.

If you are a professional that has recently switched to working from home or if you are looking to increase your career prospects and secure a new job opportunity – now is the time to adapt to meet these new industry needs. In order to be attractive to employers in this new climate, it is essential that you understand and add these skills to your existing skillset, to avoid being left behind.

What is remote learning all about and how is it different to in-class learning? If you’re thinking about boosting your skillset via remote learning, you may be asking the following questions:

  1. How will I engage with the instructor/other students?
  2. How will my progress be monitored?
  3. How will I receive feedback?
  4. What if I need help with homework/classwork?
  5. What if I need to ask questions during the online classes?

Let’s learn more about the remote learning experience:

Student with a remote learning experience

Every year at the Institute of Data, we deliver remote access vocational training programs to career-driven professionals nation-wide. Our remote learning environment is more than just an online connection. It is a real-time learning experience designed to provide professionals looking to upskill with the opportunity to learn from experts and access industry training from the comfort of their homes in small classes with like minded peers.

Our teaching team are experts in remote education and accelerated job-ready skills training. Our team of trainers follow best practices and tailor the curriculum delivery to suit student needs by using a combination of tools and techniques. The instructors utilise audio and video conferencing technology, screen-sharing and digital whiteboards to provide a face-to-face online classroom that engages and encourages collaboration.

Live classes are structured using a combination of presentations, question-and-answer sessions and breakout rooms for 1-on-1 discussions and group activities.

The Institute of Data teaching team is invested in the career progression of every candidate. They are dedicated to providing feedback and increased support to ensure every professional develops their individual technical and interpersonal skillset through the industry focused curriculum and are able to produce and deliver an industry-level capstone project.

We have received consistent positive feedback from our professional graduates that complete our courses remotely. Below is a list of some of the benefits that come with remote learning and you’ll see why remote is here to stay with work and study:

  • No need to commute which saves dozens of hours of travel time and travel expenses
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Communication skills will improve
  • Maintain a stronger work/life balance
  • Benefit from increased instructor support and project help from time saved travelling
  • Flexibility and freedom to study where you enjoy, you can live and study from where you choose
  • Your equipment stays put so you’ll never forget or lose your charger!
  • You’ll become familiarised with producing and presenting work remotely – important skills required to work in today’s data-driven digital workforce and evolving business landscape

Here’s an exclusive look into how the Institute of Data continues to successfully prepare professionals with job-ready skills training through remote learning, career coaching and job outcomes support:

Students with remote learning, career coaching and job outcomes support

We keep students engaged

Learning and working from home can be a new experience for some professionals and it is important to make sure every individual is alert and participating in class and succeeding. We encourage all our professionals to communicate and collaborate with varying delivery styles from presentations to question-answer sessions, group discussions and guest speakers.

We keep students focused with clear objectives

Our students learn best in a quiet place where they can focus on the lesson with minimal distractions. Each class has a set agenda which is shared with students so they have a clear idea of how the class will progress, what will be covered, and the activities they’ll be engaged in. Career coaching and job outcomes activities are also ongoing to keep students focused on their career goals and action plans.

We keep students motivated in a live-learning environment

Leveraging all elements of our virtual classroom, we set rewarding challenges and group activities throughout lesson time so students can apply their new skills while having fun as a group. The practice of using video/audio for face to face teaching, conversing and real time feedback, allows each professional to build personal connections with the instructors and their classmates for a valuable experience.

We bring lessons to life

Interactivity is important to us. Instructors make lessons interactive by using virtual whiteboards during live lessons. This allows students to virtually use the whiteboard and solve a math problem or demonstrate their solutions to lab exercises just like they would in a physical classroom. Annotation tools allow all the meeting participants to draw and highlight on the screen, which can be immensely helpful when discussing examples that are usually shown on a static whiteboard. Students also get the opportunity to be the presenter and share projects with the class. This promotes class collaboration similar to teamwork in an industry setting and enables every professional to showcase what they’re working on while practicing their presentation skills.

We connect with students individually and as a group

We keep class sizes small so you receive a valuable and structured industry training experience. However, it can be difficult to gauge how every student is faring in a group setting, so connecting individually is very important. Instructors support students via 1-on-1 breakout room sessions to provide additional mentorship and by creating a safe space for students to ask their questions and receive any extra / individualised help they need.

We stay connected between lessons and encourage feedback

Frequent use of online instant messaging during class time and out of class hours, allows us to receive questions from students, post answers and additional resources to complement structured lessons, practical training and project work. We also encourage students to answer the questions posted by fellow classmates and post articles and videos of interest to them, to promote industry focused discussions with their peers and teaching team.

We leverage online resources and teach students how to navigate their continued learning

Teacher and student leveraging online resources

There is an abundance of material online telling you what to study and how long you should study it for so it is crucial to understand the credibility of the source. Expert blogs, training videos and podcasts are all excellent tools and we share the most relevant credible resources to enhance the learning experience. We also ensure all professionals understand how to determine which sources are valid and trustworthy. This is a core job-ready skill as every data and cyber professional will need to be able to adapt, troubleshoot and learn on the job.

Remote learning is providing more and more professionals with the opportunity to progress their careers. Employers want professionals on their teams that take initiative, collaborate, achieve targets and possess a modern working mindset. This means employers want you to be able to communicate, pitch, present, produce, test, evaluate and succeed regardless of where you are physically working from each day.

Teams around the world are rapidly moving to optimise their daily business processes as they shift to remote and online working environments. They are still looking to hire but will be seeking professionals with a data driven digital skillset, strong interpersonal skills and the willingness to collaborate and meet targets remotely. This means if you are looking to increase your employability and level-up in data science, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence or cyber security, learning from home in 2023 will provide you with the tools and techniques to meet employer demands and accelerate your career prospects.

Don’t get left behind. Build these skills now via remote learning and prepare yourself for your next role or promotion in the changing job market.


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